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Cartoning & Case Packing

Nigrelli ​Multipacker

The Nigrelli Multipacker is the latest Thiele Technologies design that incorporates servo driven grouping of cans into pack patterns prior to carton loading. This rugged designed beverage packer has the flexibility of handling various products and pack patterns required by the beverage industry.

With Thiele’s product infeed design, product is grouped into the appropriate pack pattern without damage to the product. A specially engineered carton set-up efficiently erects and places even the most difficult carton styles including the 2x6 refrigerator pack.

Features & Benefits

  • Handles a variety of sizes (from 8 packs to 24 packs) including 2 x 6 - 12 refrigerator pack
  • Specially designed flexible grouper and phased sprocket chain for handling cans, PET bottles and glass bottles (other infeeds available)
  • Rotary carton set-up for single wall and corrugate cartons
  • Barrel cam loader for precise product loading
  • Allen-Bradley Logix Series PLC with PanelView, plus color touch-screen
  • Completely servo-driven, eliminating all lower drive components
image of Nigrelli Beverate Cartoner
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