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Cartoning & Case Packing

​FlexiPacker II Multipacker

The Thiele FlexiPacker II Multipacker is a continuous motion beverage cartoner for the beverage industry. Built to be rugged yet elegant, it handles 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12-packs with the kind of reliability you need for your busy operation.

The FlexiPacker II erects up to 80 cartons per minute with a touch that is gentle to both the carton and the product. Its unique servo and gear-driven rotary carton set-up reduces the number of moving parts, and a 4’ horizontal carton magazine that makes carton loading easier than ever. That means less downtime and minimum maintenance, providing you with a more efficient operation.

The FlexiPacker II features auto-prime and clearout modes for easy startup and finishing of product runs. It also features automatic flap closing during machine cycle stops, which minimizes the possibility of cartons with open flaps exiting the machine.The full-height, sliding guard door system
allows for easy accessibility and is electronically interlocked for operator protection.

FlexiPacker II Multipacker
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