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Model 5505 Auger Valve Packer
***Available Only for Re-Order

Thiele's Series 5505 Auger Valve Bag Packer is an economical and versatile feeding, filling, and gross-weighing machine. It is perfect for bagging granular, pelleted, dry and fine powder type products in valve bags. A choice of three hopper designs is available to match your specific product. 

Thiele's Valve Bag Packers integrate perfectly with our Model 5521 Valve Bag Placer and Model 5526 Dual Valve Bag Placer.     


Features & Benefits

  • Non-corrosive cross-flex scale beam pivots eliminate wear points and deliver greater accuracy
  • Scale beam dashpot dampens vibrations
  • Reversing auger
  • Internal auger feed agitators
  • Choice of supply hoppers to match product characteristics   
large  image of Thiele Technologies Model 5505 Auger Valve Packer
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