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Slidell 3110 PowderPacker Pro Vertical Auger Bagging System

Thiele's improved Slidell PowderPacker Pro Vertical Auger Bagging System is a well proven, completely automated packaging system that offers virtually dust free bagging for most difficult to handle powders, especially titanium dioxide, resins and pigments.

This is the ultimate bagging system for:

  • Fine, fluffy powders
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Powdered chemicals
  • Talc
  • Pigments             

Features & Benefits

  • Totally automatic - bag placing, feeding, bag top registration, bag opening, weighing , and bag closing, from start to finish , is as easy as pressing a button
  • Complete bag top control offers consistency yet flexibility to run variable length bags
  • Two stage, variable speed, vertical auger feed system virtually eliminates dust for a clean environment
  • Bottom up auger filling eliminates bag deflation, flattening and dust
  • Innovative augers and agitator offer better compression - saves you money by using smaller bags that handle better during palletizing
  • New innovative gross weigh scale design delivers accuracy while reducing wear and maintenance
  • Updated user friendly touchscreen and Allen-Bradley controls make operation easy and minimize learning time and operator error 
large image of Thiele Technologies Slidell Model 3110 PowederPacker Pro Vertical Auger  Bagging System
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