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Thiele Technologies acquired SWF in 2007 and continues to offer many of the brands of packaging machinery from previous SWF acquisitions.The facility is based in Reedley, CA.

Throughout its history, SWF remained a pioneer in the development of packaging designs and machinery and a driving force during a period of rapidly changing packaging applications, materials, and requirements.

In the mid-1960s General Nailing Machine Corp. developed hot-melt adhesives, spawning the rapid conversion from wood to corrugated shipping containers.

In 1971, the company was acquired by Southwest Forest Industries and its name was subsequently changed to SWF Machinery in 1974.

Thiele’s  acquisition of SWF  brings together such well-known packaging machinery names as: Bliss Machinery, Salwasser, Padlocker, Tisma, Dyna-Pak, McDowell International, Tri-Sterling, and GSMA Robotics and System Integration.

The machinery and systems made under these brands include an extensive line of vertical, horizontal, and wraparound casepackers; bliss and conventional case erectors; case sealers; vertical and horizontal cartoners; and robotic systems for case palletizing and packaging.

SWF Equipment
BF 400V Tray Former
TF 400V Tray Former
TF 600V Tray Former

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