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Aftermarket Services

Remote Technical Supportimage of Thiele Technologies technical support representatives

Remote Technical Support

Thiele Technologies offers telephone technical support to all of its customers. 

Our technical support service is designed for situations that require immediate assistance, such as a machine malfunction or a necessary adjustment. Your production time is critical. By taking advantage of our technical phone service, you may be able to eliminate the time required to send a service engineer to your location. You avoid production downtime by utilizing your in-house maintenance personnel to quickly solve mechanical, electrical, or software problems. In addition to reducing lost production time, you won't incur the travel costs of a service engineer traveling to your facility. 


As a new customer of Thiele, you will receive one year of telephone support for free (which begins on your equipment ship date). Additional support rates will become effective after the first year. 

EWON and modem programming support is provided during normal business hours only. Please contact customer service for more details. 

Products We Support
  • Thiele (MN)
  • Bemis (MN)
  • Nigrelli (MN)
  • Slidell (MN)
  • Edmeyer (MN)
  • Frontier Equipment (MN)
  • SWF (CA)
  • Salwasser (CA)
  • Padlocker (CA)
  • McDowell (CA)
  • Tisma (CA)
  • DynaPak (CA)
  • GSMA (CA)
*Our supported products may change as new products are introduced and older products are retired. Please visit our website - - or contact us for information concerning older machines.

Minneapolis, MN Technical Support
Specialty brands: Bemis, Edmeyer, Master, Streamfeeder, Thiele, Zepf, Slidell, Nigrelli

Click here to email
Phone: (800) 932-3647 - press 7

Minneapolis, MN Scheduling Support
Click here to email
Phone: (800) 932-3647 - press 5

Reedley, CA Technical Support
Specialty brands: Dyna Pak, McDowell, Padlocker, Salwasser, SWF, Thiele, Tisma, Tri-Sterling

Click here to email
Phone: (800) 344-8951 - press 7

Reedley, CA Scheduling Support
Click here to email
Phone: (800) 344-8951 - press 5



Thiele offers a diverse range of packaging equipment for a wide variety of products and applications.

Ask our applications engineers for advice so you can optimize your packaging production.

Contact Us
Phone: (612) 782-1200
Toll Free: (800) 932-3647