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Aftermarket Services

Rebuild Programimage of Thiele Technologies packaging equipment rebuild program

Rebuild Program

Thiele Technologies offers a complete rebuild service for most equipment models.

We will recondition your equipment to its original condition, and update it with our newest technologies. 

We are happy to customize this service based on your needs and budget.  Most equipment can be completely reconditioned for much less than the cost of new equipment.

Services available:

  •     Complete teardown and rebuild
  •     Inspect and replace worn mechanical parts
  •     New chains, sprockets, shafts
  •     Replace, repair or update pneumatic components
  •     Update safety guarding and safety circuits to current OSHA standards
  •     Refurbish, update or restore sensors and wiring
  •     Update obsolete PLCs and HMIs
  •     Modernize with servo technology
  •     Retro-fits for new product sizes
  •     Warranties available

We can minimize your downtime by performing an audit on your machine while it’s still running production at your facility. 

We’ll engineer updates, and acquire parts before we begin the rebuild process.

Bagging Machinery
Contact: Tim McArdle
Phone: (612) 782-1248

Thiele Case Packers and Cartoners
Contact: Kurt LaPoint
Phone: (612) 201-0928

Salwasser Case Packers
Contact: Steve Thacker
Phone: (559) ​305-6405

Tisma & McDowell Products
Contact: Tim Gonzales
Phone: (559) 638-8484

Hudson-Sharp Bag Converting
Contact: Andrew McInnis
Phone: (920) 544-2817

Tray & Bliss
Contact: Javier Mercado
Phone: (559) 638-8484


Thiele offers a diverse range of packaging equipment for a wide variety of products and applications.

Ask our sales engineers for advice so you can optimize your packaging production.