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image of  Thiele Technologies customer service representatives and Parts sales representatives

Parts Service Available 24 Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week.

You can call several of our locations when you need parts. All of our parts representatives have access to inventory data at other locations and can enter your order for your machine.

Parts Hotline - Minneapolis, MN

Phone: (612) 782-1200
Toll Free: (800) 932-3647

Reedley, CA

Phone: (559) 638-8484
Toll Free: (800) 344-8951
Fax: (559) 638-7478

Green Bay, WI

Phone: (920) 494-4571
Toll Free: (800) 950-4362
Fax: (920) 496-1322

Zellik, Belgium

Phone: +32 2 464-0110
Fax: +32 2 463-5187

Parts for Thiele Brands

Thiele offers parts support for all our legacy brands, from Amplas through Zepf and all companies in between. 




Thiele offers parts support for all our products, including legacy brands.

Ask our parts representatives for advice so you can optimize your parts inventory.

Contact Us
Phone: (612) 782-1200
Toll Free: (800) 932-3647