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  • New year, new opportunities for Barry-Wehmiller packaging customers

    BW Integrated Systems and BW Flexible Systems officially debut, bringing systems integration and refocused product lines to market

  • Barry-Wehmiller to enhance focus on flexible packaging and end-of-line integrated systems

    BW Flexible Systems and BW Integrated Systems to debut Jan. 1
  • In the name of service: BW Packaging Systems looks to meet total customer needs

    What's in a name? In business, it can represent ownership, a product, a service, even a market. It can tell you what you’re buying and from whom you’re buying it.
  • BW Packaging Systems: Brewing a legacy

    It’s been said that history repeats itself. For now, that doesn’t seem to be the case in the U.S. brewing industry. The number of breweries keeps growing and markets continue to expand, as opposed to the industry post-prohibition and into the 1990's.
  • From soup to nuts: BW Packaging S​ystems companies take on any customer challenge

    Every day the packaging world faces a new challenge. Whether it’s a new product, new market or new innovation, brand owners must rise to the challenge of adapting to the needs of their consumers. Needless to say, they need a good equipment partner to bring those products to life.
  • Schib’s CO50TG Flow Wrapper Provides Friulana Panini Increased Speeds

    Hayssen Flexible Systems has recently installed the latest Schib CO 50 TG at FRIULANA PANINI in Italy, a leader company in producing and packaging sandwiches, tramezzino sandwiches and pizza for the food service industry, including the hotel and catering industry and the vending machines market.
  • Artisanal Nougat Packaged by Arnaud Soubeyran with Four Schib Flow Wrappers

    ARNAUD SOUBEYRAN, the origins of which date back to 1837 starting with the marriage between talented confectioner Mr. Arnaud and Miss Soubeyran, is the most ancient producer of traditional nougats in Montélimar, France.  Run by the family’s third generation, the firm has nowadays broadened its range of confectionery and shares its know-how within the charming atmosphere of a museum entirely dedicated to nougat.

  • BW Packaging Systems at the Craft Brewers Conference Day Three

    Thiele Technologies, based out of Minnesota, can provide automatic cartoners, case packers, case erectors, loaders and wrappers that are perfect for packaging brewery products and beer in a variety of case sizes and types.
  • BW Packaging S​ystems at the Craft Brewers Conference Day Two

    One of the first steps of installing a canning line is finding the right fit for your brewery when it comes to getting beer into the cans and getting them to look good after they’re filled. At last year’s Craft Brewers Conference, Ohio-based Pneumatic Scale Angelus showcased their CB50 Can Seamer, based off their well-established high speed seamer design for larger scale operations. However, the CB50 is specifically designed for the craft brewing industry with a smaller footprint on the brewery floor and a more economical price point. 

  • BW Packaging S​ystems at the Craft Brewers Conference Day One

    Which would you rather drink a beer in, a can or a bottle? It’s a question beer lovers – and therefore – brewers are asking themselves as more and more of the record-high 5,000 breweries in the U.S. enter the world of distribution. According to a recent report by the Brewers Association, while bottling is still the preferred method of packaging for beer distribution, canning has more than doubled since 2013. Why cans? Why so much growth now for this type of packaging?