product-materialProduct & material handling | Palletising, depalletising

    • BW Flexible Systems
    The SYMACH bag palletising machines can be adapted to palletise varying products, including for example: pet food, onions, carrots, potatoes, grass seeds, cartons and bakery products.The palletising rates can very from 13 to a maximum of 36 bags per minute, depending on the model of machine.
    • BW Integrated Systems
    Robotic high- or low-level palletising systems, bulk palletisers or depalletisers capable of handling products including cases, bags, buckets and containers made from metal, plastic, glass or fibre.

    Low or high-level gantry palletisers and robotic palletising systems; empty pallet, slip sheet and tie sheet dispensers, pallet wrappers, hooders and load-stabilising technology.

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