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An industry leader in the design and manufacturing of end-of-line packaging equipment solutions and packaging automation, as well as in systems integration.

    • Product & Material Handling
    • Destrapping & Unwrapping

    Automatic destrappers and robotic unwrappers and unbaggers that accommodate varying pallet types and sizes
    • Product & Material Handling
    • Palletizing & Depalletizing

    Robotic high- or low-level palletizing systems, bulk palletizers or depalletizers capable of handling products including cases, bags, buckets and containers made from metal, plastic, glass or fiber.

    Low- or high-level gantry palletizers and robotic palletizing systems; empty pallet, slip sheet and tie sheet dispensers, pallet wrappers, hooders and load-stabilizing technology. Handle cases, bags, products with uneven size or weight distribution, building materials, large industrial products or durable goods. Medium to very high speed adaptable systems with accurate stacking to create consistently stable pallets. 
    • Product & Material Handling
    • Robotics

    Robotic arm technology provides automation solutions for small and large scale process lines for a variety of industries. Proven provider of flexible, end-of-line robotic automation solutions for a variety of industries.

    Robotic systems for picking, packing and palletizing a variety of product types, including cartons, cases, trays and bags. Integration of single robots and comprehensive multi-robot systems.

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