Barry-Wehmiller Network

Process Systems

BW Container Systems Offers Process Solutions Globally

We have the ability to provide your production facility with a complete solution for both the packaging and process areas. By combining international market-leading technology from Central Bottling International (CBI) and the historic line of AMBEC process, BW Container Systems has process solutions that can be tailored to meet your product requirements.

Flash Pasteurization - Guaranteed to Meet Your Process Requirements

Barry-Wehmiller has been trusted for more than 100 years to create guaranteed process conditions for pasteurization in our tunnel machines. This same tradition of excellence is seen today in our Volutherm Flash Pasteurizers. BW Container Sytems has created flash units for a wide range of products including syrup manufacturers, energy drinks, hot-filled beverages, and breweries of all sizes which are customizable to your unique product requirements.

Blending and Carbonation Equipment - Improving Utilization Immediately

In-line blending and carbonation equipment are great ways to optimize and improve utilization of existing systems. Our solutions provide consistent product quality and can be linked with in-line monitoring and control to guarantee your product blend and carbonation specifications.

Clean in Place (CIP) Systems  - Creating the Perfect Clean With Utility Consumption in Mind

BW Container Systems has a number of CIP set combinations. Whether you are cleaning with caustic or acid in a hot or ambient cycle, we have a solution to fit your needs. We have a range of standard systems that allow for maximum flexibility in cleaning while also conserving resources.

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