Barry-Wehmiller Network

End Conveying and Automation

BW Container Systems is a leading supplier of engineered can end conveying, in process storage and end-of-line packaging equipment.  Our equipment connects the Shell Press with Compound Liners and Conversion Presses to maximize line efficiency and minimize labor and maintenance.

Specialized Equipment for Can Lid Manufacturers and Fillers

Since 2008, BW Container Systems, in partnership with KUKA Robotics, has been supplying Automated End Handling equipment capable of handling more than 10,000 aluminum ends per minute (epm) without operators or personnel.  These product developments include the use of robots in the transfer and storage of can ends between machine centers and robotic bag palletizers to package and palletize the ends after the conversion presses.

Additionally, BW Container Systems handles easy-open steel food ends in much the same fashion, except using magnetics in lieu of vacuum in a combination of flat form and stacked form conveying, depending on the application.

For the can filling industries we supply accumulators and feeders of all types and styles to move ends into the seamers, after the cans have been filled with beverages, beer, wine, food and more.

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