Pneumatic Scale Angelus introduces CB100 canning line for craft brewers

Heavy Seas Beer first to install higher-speed upgrade of CB50 craft line

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Canning is more and more becoming the way craft breweries are getting their beer in the hands of customers.

“From a brewing standpoint, a can is the best packaging you can use,” said Mitch Steele, Brewmaster and COO of New Realm Brewing Co. in Atlanta. “It’s a good package for beer, because the seam on the top of the can is more impervious to oxygen ingress than a bottle cap is. When you can beer and you do it in a quality way with really tight controls, you’re going to have a beer that’s stable on the shelf longer than a bottle that is bottled under the same conditions.”

When it comes to canning technology, Pneumatic Scale Angelus (PSA) – one of the companies represented in Barry-Wehmiller Packaging Systems – has been a world leader for more than 100 years with more than 16,000 instillations in 132 countries.

Last year at the Brewers Association Craft Brewers Conference, PSA debuted their CB50 canning line filler/ seamer combo. New Realm, along with breweries such as Crooked Stave Artisan Project, Market Garden Brewing and Port Orleans Brewing Co., to name a few, have already installed the CB50 and are producing great canned beer for distribution or on-site sales.

“The team at PSA’s been great,” Steele said. “They’ve been in constant contact with us, answering all our questions. So, the support side of it has been great. The technical knowledge has been great as well. They’re good problem solvers.”

Due to demand for a higher-speed version of the CB50, at this year’s Craft Brewers Conference, PSA is introducing the CB100, which is capable of a variable speed range of 30 to 100 cans per minute.

“If you’re looking to upgrade the technology and speed from your introductory canning line, or if you’re a larger brewery looking to enter into the canning market for the first time, this is the line you need,” said Adam Brandt, Vice President of Sales for PSA.

One brewery that has already jumped on the chance to purchase a CB100 is Baltimore’s Heavy Seas Beer.

"Heavy Seas Beer is experiencing rapid growth for Loose Cannon and other Cannon Crew brands in cans and we needed a solution that would provide greater speed and high quality,” said Dan Kopman, CEO of Heavy Seas Beer. 

The CB100 has many of the same features of the CB50, but for a high-speed canning line. The integrated 12-head hygienic inline filler with proprietary flowmeter technology helps brewers get a perfect fill with little waste. The CB100 gas flush systems help keep oxygen out of the beer. And PSA’s high-speed, industry-leading double seaming technology helps keep cans sealed tight. The integrated system is optimized for beverage can height range of 2.13” to 8” and designed with quick-change adjustments for easy changeover for various can height/body diameters.

“I was already very familiar with Angelus seamers,” Kopman said. “With that name, we knew we would get great technology. Working with the team on the delivery of our beer to the filler and the filler itself has given us real confidence moving forward as we commission the new line."

Pneumatic Scale Angelus – along with other Barry-Wehmiller Packaging Systems companies Accraply and BW Integrated Systems – will be in Booth 1344 at this year’s Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo America®, April 30-May 3 in Nashville, Tenn. The CB50 canning line will be on display. For more information on the CB50 or CB100, go to or email or