New year, new opportunities for Barry-Wehmiller packaging customers

BW Integrated Systems and BW Flexible Systems officially debut, bringing systems integration and refocused product lines to market

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A new year is often a time of new beginnings, a time to act on resolutions.

A little more than a year ago, Barry-Wehmiller’s packaging companies made a resolution to better articulate and coordinate their broad range of services in the marketplace.

BW Packaging Systems was born.

Through BW Packaging Systems, customers can find more than just a single machine, they can leverage the combined primary packaging, labeling and end-of-line packaging systems of each of the Barry-Wehmiller packaging companies.

BW Packaging Systems is a $700 + million business with more than 3000 team members in nine countries and 37 locations around the world.

“Within our team, we have expertise meeting the needs of customers across the world in many industries. Our product range supports both flexible and rigid packaging -- whether glass, plastic or metal -- as well as labelling and end-of-line solutions,” said Carol O’Neill, Barry-Wehmiller’s Group President, Packaging.

“We’re a very large global organization. Our breadth of capabilities, the people we have around the world, who can sell not only a single point solution but also provide a complete integrated line, positions us well to be a truly differentiated packaging company.”

To provide better service and continually earn their customers’ trust, BW Packaging Systems took another step forward this new year. Actually, two steps.

The first was to merge the BW Container Systems team and the end of line teams from Thiele Technologies to become BW Integrated Systems. This new business offers a full range of secondary/ end-of-line packaging equipment, including case packing, cartoning, palletizing, de-palletizing, robotics, conveyance and controls. 

BW Integrated Systems will also act as the integration partner when clients are looking for complete integrated lines from throughout BW Packaging Systems.

“We’re being asked to meet those needs more and more,” said Pete Carlson, President of BW Integrated Systems. “In addition to providing end-of-line solutions, we’ll close the loop, so to speak with our customers by bringing all our companies’ equipment together, reducing risk and optimizing operations.”

BW Integrated Systems brands include AMBEC, CBI, Fleetwood, Goldco, Nigrelli, SWF, Streamfeeder, Thiele and Tisma.

The other simultaneous step was to bring together the flexible packaging experts from Hayssen Flexible Systems and the bag converting and bag filling/palletizing divisions of Thiele Technologies to form a single team as BW Flexible Systems.

“When it comes to the development, manufacture and sales of flexible packaging equipment – including horizontal and vertical form-fill- seal solutions, bag converting and filling-sealing & palletizing of pre-made bags – that’s BW Flexible Systems’ role in the BW Packaging Systems family,” said Doug McGraw, President of BW Flexible Systems.

BW Flexible Systems is the point of contact for many recognizable brand names in flexible packaging: Hayssen, Hudson-Sharp, Rose Foregrove, Sandiacre, Schib, Simionato, SYMACH and Thiele.

BW Packaging Systems’ primary packaging companies also includes Pneumatic Scale Angelus, a provider of seaming, capping and filling solutions and Synerlink, a provider of fill-seal and form-fill-seal solutions.

Accraply is the BW Packaging Systems provider of labeling and film converting solutions.

“We’ve got to keep doing those things we’ve done very well for years and we have to start doing some new & exciting things,” said Larry Smith, who will move from President of Thiele Technologies to Chief Operating Officer for BW Packaging Systems. “These moves are all about alignment. We want to be really clear in our focus on the customer and those needs of our customers.

“This next chapter, all the changes that we’re making, are really aligned with being closer and closer to the customer and becoming a better partner to our customers.”

And that’s a resolution BW Packaging Systems intends to keep. Not just in 2018, but for a long time to come.