In the name of service: BW Packaging Systems looks to meet total customer needs

Barry-Wehmiller packaging businesses come together under one platform

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What's in a name?

In business, it can represent ownership, a product, a service, even a market. It can tell you what you’re buying and from whom you’re buying it.

For Barry-Wehmiller, a name means so much more. Its name represents a 130-year legacy of service to the manufacturing production industry and a company committed to measure its success by the way it touches the lives of people. Over the years, that legacy has grown to include more than 1,000 years of combined service experience under its trusted banner

There are the names you know – Accraply, BW Integrated Systems, BW Flexible Systems, Pneumatic Scale Angelus and Synerlink. All Barry-Wehmiller businesses and all respected names in primary and secondary packaging, material handling, process and inspection, labeling, and line design and integration.

There are other familiar names, too; longtime names and brands under those companies’ banners: Hayssen, Hudson-Sharp, Bemis Packaging Machine Company, Rose Forgrove, Schib, Angelus, Closetech, Mateer, Sandicare, Simionato, Hema, Dosil, Arcil, Dinieper, Slidell, Ambec, Fleetwood, Goldco, Wyard, SYMACH, Stanford, Graham, Sleevit, Trine and many more.

Now, Barry-Wehmilller wants you to know another name: BW Packaging Systems. The names you know. The service you trust. Multiplied.

BW Packaging Systems is the team of people from across Barry-Wehmiller who are committed to tapping the best of our collective insights to benefit companies seeking solutions to their packaging challenges. Whether the need is to design and build a new line or to identify and purchase equipment that will improve efficiency, flexibility and throughput, this team is a resource to companies large and small. 

“We can provide integrated packaging solutions for our customers worldwide,” said Bill Morgan, President of Pneumatic Scale Angelus. “We have the unique advantage of being a global single-source provider of packaging equipment as well as packaging line integration. The companies who are represented in BW Packaging Systems can provide more value-added solutions to our customers through innovation, leadership, reliability, performance and superior aftermarket support for many years to come.”

Each BW Packaging Systems business – and their corresponding brands – has a long, rich legacy in their respective spaces with global sales and service. Through their combined reach, BW Packaging Systems is able to provide services to a wide range of industries, including: food and beverage, personal care, container manufacturing, pharmaceutical and medical devices, household products, paper products and textiles, industrial and automotive, and converting, printing and publishing.

“We want our customers to know that whether you come to one of our companies for a single piece of equipment or for the design and installation of a fully integrated line, we can deliver a tailor-made solution to solve your unique packaging challenges,” said Carol O’Neill, Barry-Wehmiller Group President, Packaging.

When buying from Barry-Wehmiller, or BW Packaging Systems companies, O’Neill said there has always been a common denominator: service.

“Clearly, we have a deep commitment to customers,” O’Neill said. “Our businesses universally support their equipment – almost forever. We’re deeply committed to providing customers with parts and qualified service technicians who will get even an antique piece of equipment up and running within an extremely short amount of time.”

Barry-Wehmiller companies also share a culture of caring, not only for team members, but for all stakeholders in their business, including and especially the customer. This cultural journey was detailed in Barry-Wehmiller CEO Bob Chapman’s 2015 book, Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring For Your People Like Family.

“Our customers need our equipment to serve their customers,” O’Neill said. “We create an environment in which our people are respected and valued and cared for and given the ability to do their jobs. As a result, our team members are more responsive to the customer’s needs because they, in turn, care and are trusted to do what is best.”

Though a high level of customer care has always been a hallmark of the individual businesses, Seamus Lafferty, President of Accraply, said that the BW Packaging Systems initiative is bringing the companies closer together as part of the larger Barry-Wehmiller family. Another plus when it comes to fully-integrated solutions for the customer.

“BW Packaging Systems is deepening our individual awareness of each other’s technologies and capabilities,” Lafferty said. “It has helped Accraply realize how well positioned we are as a manufacturer of labeling equipment – unlike many of our competitors – given the broad reach of BW Packaging Systems and the knowledge to which we have access. Therefore, our customers are uniquely served. Our customers benefit from the collaborative spirit across the platform, from an extensive experience pool, and from the ever-increasing ability we have to present integrated solutions.” 

Pete Carlson, President of BW Integrated Systems, concurs. The core of BW Packaging Systems is a more connected organization, he said, sharing best practices and combining individual competencies in a seamless manner to clients. In other words, the whole is made greater by the sum of its parts.

“BW Packaging Systems represents a deeper collective connection while still maintaining our individual identities,” Carlson said. “Fostering an entrepreneurial spirit as well as maintaining a product focus specific to our divisions. The result is a deeper understanding of client needs, market-driven innovation and a continued strengthening of the trust that our clients place in us.

“The formation of BW Packaging Systems represents a coordinated, comprehensive approach to the needs of our clients. At Barry Wehmiller, we've recognized the changing needs of our clients. Our company is a $2.4B privately-held organization with over 130 years of proven packaging experience. Our global clients are seeking solution providers that provide not only innovative equipment and a lifetime of support, but have also invested in the ability to provide integrated solutions and mitigate client risk.”

Barry-Wehmiller CEO Bob Chapman said BW Packaging Systems is an outgrowth of the company’s commitment for continuous improvement and care for all stakeholders in their business.

“We are responsible to be good stewards of the lives under our care and to do that, we have to have a thriving business,” Chapman said. “Our customers are very important stakeholders in that cycle. They’re the ones who buy our products. For this entire relationship to work, we have to have our customers’ trust. And that comes from truly caring about their needs and treating them like our friends and family.

“It’s not just enough to be a successful business that creates value for your shareholders, or to be a great place to work. Everyone should be part of a winning team; all stakeholders should gain from their association with us.”

So, what’s in a name?

For a BW Packaging Systems customer, a whole lot.