From soup to nuts: BW Packaging S​ystems companies take on any customer challenge

Changing marketplace means more flexibility and creativity to meet customer needs

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Every day the packaging world faces a new challenge.

Whether it’s a new product, new market or new innovation, brand owners must rise to the challenge of adapting to the needs of their consumers.

Needless to say, they need a good equipment partner to bring those products to life.

From food and beverage to personal care products, medical devices to household products, Barry-Wehmiller companies are well-versed in finding solutions for just about any packaging challenge a company may bring to them.

And with the introduction of BW Packaging S​ystems, customers can more easily understand and access the broad range of solutions Barry-Wehmiller companies can provide.

BW Packaging S​ystems represents the collective capabilities of several Barry-Wehmiller companies: Accraply, BW Container Systems, Design Group, Hayssen Flexible Systems, Paper Converting Machine Company, Pneumatic Scale Angelus, Synerlink and Thiele Technologies. This collaborative team is committed to tapping their combined insights to help solve packaging challenges. Whether the need is for a brand new line or for upgrades or other solutions that will improve efficiency, flexibility and throughput, this team is a resource to companies large and small.


A culture of service

According to Carol O’Neill, Barry-Wehmiller Group President, Packaging, solving customers’ packaging challenges is inherent in the DNA of BW Packaging S​ystems.

“One of the cornerstones of our culture at Barry-Wehmiller is to empower our people,” O’Neill said. “For them to succeed, and therefore, our customers to succeed, we need to give our people the tools, but also the freedom to be innovative. Pairing that with our culture of service, our people are going to think outside the box more frequently when faced with a unique situation and we’re going to work harder to make sure we meet the needs of that customer.”

New concepts

When Evian, one of the world's leading bottled water brands was ready for a premium packaging solution for their new product, they turned to BW Packaging S​ystems company, Synerlink, and its Aprium team.

Evian had a concept for a new type of water bottle, called “Pure Drop” or “La Goutte.” The 200 ml. bottle -- meant for people on the go-- is shaped like a droplet, has no cap and is easily recyclable.

"Our marketing team wanted to emphasize the purity of ‘La Goutte’, and Aprium knew exactly how to translate this concept into a manufacturing solution that met our requirements," said Christophe Bernard, Evian Industrial Project Manager.

The unique peel-off lid with label and the design of the Pure Drop bottle presented Synerlink with a unique manufacturing challenge. However, the Aprium system was able to meet all of Evian’s needs, including orientation of the bottles so that labels are placed onto the lids in perfect alignment with the tabs and a shuttle system where the bottles never touch one another -- preventing friction, scratching, and denting until they are meticulously packed into cases, facing the right direction.

Additionally, the Aprium system is incredibly user-friendly. It’s quiet, offers an on-screen display that can easily pinpoint line issues, provides automatic change-over, full-line automatic emptying, a buffering table, step-by-step continuous operation and an integrated palletizer.

“It’s a pleasure to work with this kind of equipment,” said Roger Burnet, an Evian machine operator. “It’s a joy.”

Old is new again

As detailed in the April 2016 issue of Packaging World, market research recently led Campbell’s Soup to redesign its microwavable soup packaging.  Consumers wanted to see the ingredients in the soup they’re considering buying and found the opaque containers a barrier.

“They want to know what they’re getting,” said Lindsay Kohler, a Senior Packaging Engineer at Campbell’s.

“In response to this finding,” the article said, “she and her team have spent the last year-and a-half developing translucent packaging that consists of a contact-clear bowl and overcap underneath which is a lid of transparent peelable film.”

Next the challenge was to label the package in a way that was consistent with the new transparent packages.  Campbell’s already had a Trine Model 4500 inline roll-fed labeler from BW Packaging S​ystems company, Accraply.  They were happy with the equipment’s performance and wanted to continue to leverage that investment.  The Accraply team collaborated with the label’s film maker, Klöckner Pentaplast, to convert the Trine machine to use the new label, with no change at all in the tooling.

“It was a big win for Campbell,” said George Michaels, a regional sales executive for Accraply.

Expanding markets

Sachs Peanuts has a proud tradition of quality and service dating back four generations.  Family owned and operated for more than a century, Sachs processes, packages and distributes quality salted in-shell peanuts from the heart of the peanut growing regions of Virginia and the Carolina’s. As industry leaders in private label and co-branded peanuts, they service retailers and wholesalers and supply peanuts to many popular restaurant chains.

In an effort to continually improve, Sachs regularly works to develop new products and services to better serve their customers. Equally important is their commitment to on-time delivery and safety.

To meet market demands, Sachs recently invested in their Clarkton, North Carolina facility, including a new vertical form fill seal packaging system from BW Packaging Solutions company, Hayssen Flexible Systems.

Sachs chose a stainless steel washdown ULTIMA ST 13-22 bagging system from Hayssen Flexible Systems.  The equipment is constructed with stainless steel product contact surfaces designed to withstand the salt fines from the roasted and salted peanuts. The open access tubular frame provides ease of maintenance and cleaning for the machine operators as well. Hayssen also provided Sachs with an integrated Yamato 514 multi-head scale.

Currently, Sachs is using this system to package a variety of package sizes, up to 8 different weights, anywhere from 8-oz. to 5-lb. pillow packages. The ULTIMA ST is well suited in that it offers quick changeovers with Allen-Bradley controls and HMI screen. The 8-oz. packages are running at 75 packages per minute, while the larger 5-lb. bags run at a consistent 40 packages per minute.

“Sachs Peanuts has been a Hayssen customer for two decades now,” said Tom Ribken, Hayssen’s sales executive for this project. “Now Sachs Peanuts can fulfill their large orders – and take care of their customers – better and much faster than before. We are proud to partner with Sachs and look forward to supplying future needs as their company grows.”

From soup to nuts and water too, it doesn’t seem like there’s any packaging challenge BW Packaging S​ystems companies can’t solve.