BW Packaging Systems at the Craft Brewers Conference Day Three

Having a ‘can-do’ attitude when it comes to packaging Pt. 3: Front to back on the canning packaging line

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BW Packaging Systems companies Accraply, BW Container Systems, Pneumatic Scale Angelus and Thiele Technologies will be in Booth 3508 at this year’s Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo America®, April 10-13 in Washington, D.C. This is the third in a three part series on capabilities that BW Packaging Systems will showcase at the conference. For a full list of services, check out BW Packaging Systems’ new brewing industry website:

Thiele Technologies, based out of Minnesota, can provide automatic cartoners, case packers, case erectors, loaders and wrappers that are perfect for packaging brewery products and beer in a variety of case sizes and types.

For example, Thiele's Servo Beverage Cartoner is ideal for the canning and beverage industries. The Servo Beverage Cartoner handles 8, 12, 15, 16, 18, 20, or 24-packs with the kind of tough reliability brewers need for a busy operation.

Also, their Envoy Series of trayformers/packers are continuous motion high speed integrated packaging systems for loading cans, cartons, glass and PET bottles onto corrugated trays, U-Board, or pads. The Envoy easily integrates with shrink applications.

Another important product for breweries with canning operations is the BW Container Systems Ionized Air Rinser, a machine recently added to Oskar Blues’ canning line, the Colorado-based brewery that is ranked #18 among the top producing beer companies in the U.S. Oskar Blues was one of the first breweries to embrace canning, which is still the only packaging they take to market.

BW Container Systems – based in Romeoville, Ill. – offers palletizing, de-palletizing, conveying, pasteurizing, and robotic solutions to breweries of all sizes. Oskar Blues Brewery recently added BW Container Systems palletizers to their Colorado and North Carolina facilities, which also uses Pneumatic Scale Angelus can seamers.

Oskar Blues Plant Manager Jim Weatherwax said there were a number of reasons why the company decided to an upgrade their existing OEM machine with the BW Container Systems Ionized Air Rinser, including conservation of water and increased beer quality, as well as saving money.

“Dissolved oxygen pick up in cans is a big thing and if you’re rinsing your cans with water, you’re going to be putting oxygen in,” Weatherwax said. “We’ve seen a great savings in the water we’re putting down the drain (and) we’re not having to pay the wastewater fees.”

“A brewery like Oskar Blues is interested in our Ionized Air Rinser because they are concerned about the environment and want to make the best beer possible,” said Scott Smith, Director of Global Business Development and Strategic Marketing for BW Container Systems. “This technology is a win on both of those counts and will also help them save money in the long-term. That’s what I would call a real packaging solution and that’s what working with all the Barry-Wehmiller companies is all about.”